package description size from
 IoL4-floppy-20030824.img  x86 boot floppy image  1.5M   US west
 IoL4-cd-20030824.iso  x86 boot CD ROM image  1.5M   US west
 IoL4-src-20030827.tgz  complete source  4.7M   US west
 bochs-2.0.2-2.i586.rpm  patched x86 emulator for Linux  4.7M   US west
notes The disk images work with vmware. They should also work if you write them out to a floppy/CD or used them with another emulator.usage

  • For using a real floppy, copy the image onto the floppy using rawwrite, or a similar utility.
  • Boot from floppy. Select the os from the menu.
  • Press “g” twice when the L4 debugger prompt comes up. (Hey, it’s a devel build. 😉
  • Normal IoVM CLI.

known issues

  • A lot of IoNumber, IoFile, and IoDate are missing.
  • The prompt gets mangled at the CLI.
  • Due to where I load the Io image, the machine must have at least 64 meg of RAM.
    The actuall OS itself consumes way less than this.


  • Max stack depth of 64k
  • Max heap size of 16 MB.


With regards to PPC. I’d need to setup a L4 devel enviorment on my iBook and build. Should Just Work(TM) though since we aren’t accessing any of the hardware directly (Yet). Due to a few assumptuions I made, it’ll break on 64bit right now though. (Easy to fix.)