overview IoL4 is a small OS containing the Io programing language on top of the L4 microkernel. It runs the IoVM as a single server in kernel level, allowing direct hardware access and independence from having a full blown operating system and userland. Both Io and the L4 implementation used are open sourced under a BSD license.
about Io Io is small prototype-based programming language. The ideas in Io are mostly inspired by Smalltalk(all values are objects), Act1, Self and NewtonScript(prototype-based differential inheritance, actors for concurrency), LISP(code is a runtime inspectable/modifiable tree) and Lua(small, embeddable). It features an incremental garbage collector and support for weak links.
about L4 L4 is a an API for second-generation microkernels. Kernels based on the L4 API are very lean and feature fast, message-based, synchronous IPC, simple-to-use external paging mechanisms, and a security mechanism based on secure domains (tasks, clans and chiefs). The kernels try to implement only a minimal set of abstractions on which operating systems can be built flexibly.The current version of IoL4 uses the L4Ka implementation developed by the System Architecture Group at the University of Karlsruhe in collaboration with the DiSy group at the University of New South Wales, Australia. It is fully 32 and 64 bit clean, provides multiprocessor support, and super-fast local IPC and supports the following processors:

  • Intel IA32 (Pentium and higher)
  • Intel IA64 (Itanium1)
  • PowerPC 32bit (IBM 750)
  • Alpha (21164)
  • MIPS 64bit (R4000, R5000)