Open Tasks


Open Tasks


      • latest IoVM
        Pull in latest IoVM, clean up build process and get the changes integrated into mainline.
        The changes are 2 new makefiles and a bunch of ifndefs, so it should be low impact.
      • no ifndefs
        Work on getting rid of all the ifndefs. It’s just turning off IoFile, IoDate, and parts of IoNumber because corrsponding libCLight functions aren’t there.
      • L4 system call bindings
        This would be a good task to get familiar with the L4 architecture. All the system calls are exported as C/C++ libraries.


      • PPC port should be booted/tested. I can write the setjmp.S and crt0.S The L4 kernel requires a slightly different gcc setup (generic elf binary instead of macho). Build process is documented in the pistachio sourcetree.
      • Put in a real pager/VM subsystem. Current static allocation is stupid.
      • Get started on the HAL.
      • VGA console driver since (as the demo shows) current console support is buggy.
      • Open Firmware equivalent.

For now I’m probably going to take pulling in the latest IoVM, the pager code, and also focus on figuring out arch and getting version control setup. Most of the tasks can be done in parallel, and my copy of the tree hasn’t divereged too far so the snap I put on the web is good to work off.

Things different in my tree:

    • Coroutine related fix to setjmp.h
    • sscanf in libCLight.


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